OMG! See the Failed Transformation of Donatella Versace

Fashion icon Donatella Versace rose to demonstrate that she could be just as outstanding as her brother Gianni after his death.

She was successful and garnered attention from the media over her changing appearance as she expanded the company in novel ways.

Her aptitude in public relations made Gianni Versace choose her for his fashion house. She served as the rock ‘n’ roll designer’s inspiration and was always by his side.

Donatella Versace took over as the face of Versace S.p.A. after her brother’s passing. Her ideas have inspired dozens, and her face is unmistakable.

Her appearance has altered significantly in the 20 years since the passing of her brother. This is not just due to aging. Many are now curious as to why the fashion magnate currently looks the way she does.

Donatella Versace’s Changing Faces

As the last of the Versace children, she moved in with her brother Gianne, who was raised by a mother who made dresses and dominated the fashion industry.

She assisted with the public relations side of things, but Gianni Versace used her more as a critic and muse.

When her brother Donatella Versace unveiled the Blonde perfume, which he dedicated to her, Donatella Versace made her fashion debut. Additionally, he granted her brand, Versus, which was ultimately incorporated into Versace S.p.A.

Donatella Versace had been raising her children, Allegra and Daniel Versace while working with her brother for more than ten years by the time she was 37. Before 1997, she was at her most natural with her naturally large lips.

Becoming A Fashion Pillar

Donatella Versace came to the VH1 Fashion Awards in 1997, a few weeks after her brother was murdered in Miami by Andrew Cunanan, fresh-faced and unmistakably younger than 42. At this point, she looked like the strong front of the brand and attended several events to present the new direction of Versace.

Appearance for Power Play

The icon led Versace S.p.A. on a new path as the company’s new head of design.

She held her debut fashion presentation in the Versace Atelier at the Hôtel Ritz Paris, a location her brother often preferred, a year after Gianni Versace’s passing.

Like Gianni did every season, she constructed the runway above the pool but went with sheer glass.

The popularity of the show allowed viewers to focus on the family’s designs rather than their grief.

Around that period, Donatella Versace began to wear the smokey eyes and bronze tan that would become her characteristic cosmetic style.

Her Surgeries Begin

Donatella Versace’s face looked very different by 2002 after her divorce from former Versace model Paul Beck in 2000. Experts in cosmetic surgery think fillers are to blame.

She publicly acknowledged in 2013 that she uses Botox in her beauty routine and does not support an “all-natural” appearance for women.

Appearance After Rehabilitation

Versace reportedly had a heroin addiction, but she gave it up in 1997 after the passing of her brother. According to accounts, she allegedly resumed abusing them once more years later.

The fashion icon started treatment in 2005 after having a breakdown at her daughter’s 18th birthday celebration.

After recovery, she had a darker tan and significantly different lips from her naturally full ones.

Fillers Take Stage

Versace stopped using the bronzer and seemed to use fewer fillers in 2008. However, her face still appeared to have had a few surgical procedures.

Donatella Drawing the Line?

In 2011, Versace’s facial wrinkles begin to appear. Her skin now has a new appearance, and the previous Donatella Versace’s face is hardly recognizable. Cosmetic surgeons think she underwent several surgeries over several years.

A few people also turned to stare at Versace’s lean body. Additionally, according to some accounts, Donatella quit working out with a trainer because they forbade her from smoking.

Time to Raise Eyebrows

Donatella Versace’s skin started to seem waxy in 2014. Her sculpted lips became more noticeable, and her eyebrows appeared lower as well.

Prima Donna

The characteristics of Versace most associated with 2018 are her skin, trout lips, smoky eyes, platinum hair, and chiseled body.

Since Donatella and Kylie Jenner arrived at the Met Gala with identical hairstyles, Jenner’s rumored cosmetic surgeries have been compared to Versace’s evolving appearance.

Has Her Transformation Been a Failure?

The executed rhinoplasty did not have the desired outcome, according to experts in aesthetic surgery who compared images of Versace before and after the subsequent procedures. Her lips have grown significantly as a result of repeated injections, disrupting her facial harmony as a whole.

Donatella Versace is one of the most well-known and important figures in the fashion industry. She is vivacious and driven.

Currently, Donatella is devoted to perfecting her appearance while doing what she loves and living life.

A person’s look might alter dramatically as a result of plastic surgery. The need for surgical intervention arises from the presence of flaws, malformations, or asymmetries in the face.

However, in today’s world, people frequently turn to a scalpel and Botox injections, without cause.

Donatella Versace is a prime example of someone who has an unhealthy enthusiasm for cosmetic surgery. It might go wrong.

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