Lost! Can You Help Us to Find Priscilla Presley After a Lot of Plastic Surgeries?

At 72 years, there is no disputing that Priscilla Presley looks fantastic for her age.

However, several fans can’t help but notice the celeb’s wrinkle-free visage, with many suggesting that Elvis’ ex had additional plastic surgery.

Priscilla was always naturally beautiful. No wonder she is the only woman officially acknowledged as Elvis Presley’s wife.

She was only 14 when Presley first saw her. The world-famous singer admitted to acting uncomfortable and awkward around her due to her dove-like beauty.

Years later, Priscilla no longer possesses the beauty she once did. Her face appears so stiff right now, and many wonder if she can move it.

Several celebrities have undergone plastic surgery. What makes hers unsettling is how different she looks now.

Victim Of Botched Injections In 2003

Presley officially admitted to falling for a cosmetic con in 2003.

Like several other Hollywood A-listers, she was drawn to the dashing Argentinian doctor Daniel Serrano when he advertised injections superior to Botox.

He injected many celebrities with unapproved silicone as a cosmetic procedure.

The industrial silicone injections, which cost at least $300 each, left their victims with tumors, paralysis, and even skin issues.

Issues with Her Surgery:

  • Daniel Serrano

The first strange thing was the surgeon reported having carried out the procedure, Daniel Serrano.

Even though this doctor had served the elite at home for a long time, he didn’t have a permit to practice in the United States. Some of his other famous clients include Lionel Richie, Shawn King, and many others.

Additionally, he utilized medical silicone, which is acceptable for some eye surgeries but not for the treatment of wrinkles. He also used industrial-grade silicone.

When several consumers complained of adverse side effects, Serrano’s scheme started to fall apart. In 2003, Mrs. King, who paid him $7,000 for injections, experienced a lump on her lower lip that made it difficult for her to speak, according to her.

  • Use of Smuggled Products

The commercial silicone, which is significantly less expensive than the fluids used in cosmetic surgery, was smuggled into the country from Argentina, the court was told. In court documents, an informant said that she had observed Serrano loading syringes at his kitchen table while being home with his family.

  • Unhygienic Conditions

He filled the syringes with his bare hands while working at the unsanitary table with unwashed bottles.

Priscilla’s Plastic Surgery History

Priscilla has undoubtedly undergone several plastic surgery treatments.

Cheek implants are the most obvious plastic surgery she’s done. Because they are so big, you can see how it is even challenging for her to grin. She has also undergone numerous facelifts, collagen injections, and Botox procedures.

There are rumors that she has undergone a chemical peel, which is intended to lighten the skin. She allegedly underwent a brow lift as well.

What Has Priscilla Presley Said About Plastic Surgery?

Presley never acknowledged having cosmetic procedures done on herself. The only confirmation to date is the statement made by her spokesperson regarding her interactions with Serrano.

However, Dr. Robert Stephen Mulholland, a cosmetic plastic surgeon, spoke extensively about the likely treatments the mother of two has had.

According to him, she still has a fantastic appearance considering she is older than 20.

The fact that her cheeks are a touch overdone and her mouth is a little drawn is what, in his opinion, shocks people about the photographs that came out. To him, the star had a strong beginning but a weak end.

She Has Been the Victim of Several Rumors

Unfortunately, several dubious sources have used Priscilla Presley’s story to spread myths about plastic surgery.

The National Enquirer, RadarOnline, and Closer Weekly have attacked the actress, making assumptions about possible medical treatments.

In 2016, The National Enquirer reported without providing evidence that Presley had a health crisis due to the incorrect injections.

The publication made fun of her appearance, alleging she now looked like a skeleton, with puckered lips, sunken cheeks, and scarring on the corners of her mouth.

It cited an anonymous “friend” who suggested that Presley was “overdoing it with all the plastic surgery,”

Although it didn’t go into detail about any plastic surgery Presley might have had besides Serrano’s con, it was hinted that she was to blame for opting for cosmetic surgery.

The source further asserted that these techniques have imprecise but severe health effects.


People have their reasons for undergoing plastic surgery. We may not have the full details on why Priscilla Presley undergoes surgery to form opinions on the matter. This is why it will be hasty to make any judgments.

However, the facts remain that one doesn’t require medical expertise to realize she has undergone procedures, and some haven’t been as favorable as she thought. Her looks have changed over time.

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