The Time Waster

We Enjoy Simple Entertainment

The Time Waster’s main focus is delivering content that helps connect audiences to appealing facts, interesting stories, and other relatable content. We search the internet to find relevant topics that people from various backgrounds, interests, demographics as well as different generations are engaging with on a daily basis.

We are up to date and constantly searching for fascinating stories that our readers want to consume and discuss. Backed by a diverse team of professional editors, writers, and researchers, we provide fun, interesting, and engaging content.


Our Goal

We want to provide fascinating stories, and unlock a world of facts you may have never thought about. Our content spans many verticals, from travel, sports, and entertainment to fitness, history, and everything in-between.

We take pride in providing a blend of personalization and informative story-telling, our goal is always to connect with readers of all ages, genders, and various other backgrounds.


Year we started the journey