7 Most Expensive Superyachts in World and The Lucky Owners

From majestic open-air swimming pools to high-end-tech cinema rooms, the most expensive luxury yachts are packed with unimaginable amenities and spaces to relax, have a vibrant party, or enjoy the best drinks.

However, every year, it seems that superyachts are getting more and more extravagant and expensive. According to the Boats Group’s market index, the average value of a yacht in the 80″ range was $9.3 million in the international market last year. However, there are a handful of vessels that far exceed that figure. Here are some of them!

History Supreme – A Mysterious Private Yacht Valued at $4.8 billion

It’s hard to believe that a private yacht can cost so much, especially when it has not been seen in any major port despite being known worldwide. However, luxury manufacturer Stuart Hughes describes History Supreme as the world’s most unique and probably the most expensive vessel.

According to Stuart Hughes’ website, this luxurious private yacht was built for a leading Malaysian businessman and took three years to complete. It features an inc deck, rails, a dining area, and an anchor made of precious metals. Furthermore, around 100,000 kg of gold and platinum were used during this vessel’s construction.

Stuart Hughes claims that this yacht’s base has been wrapped in gold, and the main sleeping quarter has ornaments made in platinum and a meteoric stone wall with genuine Dinosaur bone from a Tyrannosaurus rex! Many question whether History Supreme actually exists. However, if it does, it’s definitely one of the most amazing and expensive designs we could find.

Eclipse – The World’s Second Largest and Second Most Expensive Private Yacht

In second place on this list, there’s Eclipse, the most expensive vessel after History Supreme – but many have seen this one. It belongs to a Russian oligarch and former Chelsea Football Club owner, Roman Abramovich, and costs around $1.5 billion. Also, it’s the second-longest superyacht on the ocean, with a 533-ft length.

The Russian billionaire didn’t hesitate to spend a large part of his fortune on his luxury yachts – yes, he has more than one – but this one has been the biggest star. It has 18 guest suites, a huge owners’ deck with a palatial suite, relaxing and luxurious hot tubs, a disco room, a giant and majestic swimming pool, and even a mini-submarine that can dive up to 50 meters.

However, this superyacht’s most breathtaking feature is its built-in missile detection system and bulletproof windows, offering a first-class level of security. Other highlights include large dining and meeting spaces, a disco, and helipads!

Dilbar – The World’s Largest Motor Private Yacht By Gross Tonnage

Built by German shipbuilding company Lürssen, Dilbar is the world’s largest motor superyacht in terms of gross tonnage, with 15,917 tons in weight and a 512-ft length. However, its wonders go far beyond its power. This vessel had the highest original price, costing around $800 million.

Lürssen is a well-known brand for those thinking of buying or renting a yacht, as this family-owned company built the world’s first motor yacht, the first remote-controlled boat, and the first diesel engine boat. Still, the Dilbar remains mind-blowing for fans, as it was one of the most complex and challenging vessels ever built in terms of technology and size.

This impressive love boat has all the features all yachting enthusiasts want yacht rental companies to offer and more. It includes a 25-meter swimming pool, a spectacular interior with rare and exclusive luxury items and bronze accents, and 41,000 square feet of salons, spas, and cinema rooms. As of 2022, this yacht was owned by Russian billionaire Alisher Usmanov, one of the world’s 100 wealthiest people.

Azzam – Another Expensive Love Boat For the German Shipyard

In addition to the Dilbar, Lürssen built a slightly cheaper love boat in its fleet of luxury superyachts, known as Azzam. This design, launched in 2013, made headlines by the figures and numbers surrounding its construction. Building it took four years and 6 million man-hours.

The company needed so much work for a private yacht as luxurious as this one, and here’s why: The Azzam has a 590-ft length, so it’s considered the world’s longest luxury yacht. In addition, this impressive vessel has a mother-of-pearl interior, a huge main saloon, a swimming pool, a “golf entertainment room,” and a gym.

This expensive yacht belonged to the United Arab Emirates President Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Nahyan until his passing this year. However, Azzam’s current owner is still unknown. It costs between $600 billion and $650 billion.

Solaris – Abramovich’s Second Most Expensive Private Yacht

Abramovich, who is worth $8.7 billion according to Forbes, is another household name in the yacht rental industry, especially among superyacht fans, as he owns two of the world’s most expensive vessels. The second is Solaris, valued at $600 million.

This yacht has a 21,500-square-foot glass surface, with a capacity for 36 guests and a crew of 60. In addition, in its minimalist yet modern interior, there’s a spa, a large gym, and several function rooms.

Motor Yacht A+ (Topaz) – Extravagant and Luxurious Private Yacht Valued at $527 Million

Formerly known as Topaz, it’s another of the world’s longest luxury yachts in terms of volume (11,589 gross tons), with a 482-ft length. It was also built by Lürssen and launched in 2012, but was embroiled in controversy since it was reportedly purchased with money from the 1Malaysia Development Berhad (1MDB) investment fund.

The Motor Yacht A+ has a superstructure made of aluminum with eight decks, an on-deck jacuzzi, an incredible swimming pool, a swimming platform, a tender garage, and double helicopter landing pads. Moreover, it’s equipped with a cinema room, a fitness hall, a large conference room, and more! Do you think it’s worth the price?

Dubai – A $350 Million Floating Palace Built for a Prince

Those thinking about renting a yacht may also be interested in the Dubai vessel, although it can be hard to get. It’s as luxurious as the city that inspired its name: it has lavish exteriors with jacuzzis, swimming pools, large areas for sunbathing, and more.

Inside the extravagant interior, this floating palace has a majestic spiraling glass staircase, a vibrant nightclub, a cinema room, a squash court, and even a lobster tank! Although this vessel was built for Brunei’s Prince Jeffrey Bolkiah, its current owner is UAE Prime Minister Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, who holds at least two luxury yachts worth millions of dollars.

Final Thoughts

Even if you aren’t thinking about buying or renting a yacht, you should be fascinated by these vessels, aren’t you? They’re luxurious, expensive, and filled with every amenity you could imagine.

Personally, I’m not sure if the History Supreme really exists. However, I really believe that a billionaire could have invested much of his fortune in a superyacht made of gold and platinum. Therefore, we still have to wait to see if it’s true. If not, Eclipse is still just as impressive and is valued at a whopping sum, so there’s still a yacht with a nine-figure cost!

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