7 Incredible Celebrity Weight Loss Before & After

Our society is obsessed with the idea that to be truly healthy, one must be ripped. This assumption is not only untrue but also sets up an unrealistic goal for many celebrities.

Some of the shredded and ripped celebrities were once overweight or skinny. They become unrecognizable after either shedding weight or building muscle. Let’s look at some of the most incredible weight loss body transformations in Hollywood and see how they started out.

Christian Bale – 60 Pounds

Christian Bale managed to shed 60 pounds through an intensive workout regimen. Initially, he was 180 pounds, but after months of training, his weight dropped to around 120 pounds. To lose weight, Bale had to go into starvation mode, where he only ate an apple, a can of tuna, and other whole foods. He eliminated junk food from his diet. His training routine included lunges, squats, chin-ups, sprints, and martial arts training.

At some point, Bale had to bulk up for his roles in The Dark Knight as Batman. His goal was to shred down to 100 pounds for The Machinist role. But, the producers advised him otherwise, sighting possible health complications.

Adele – More than 100 Pounds

Adele was completely unrecognizable when he appeared on Drake’s birthday party red carpet in October 2019. The “Send My Love” singer didn’t shy away from flaunting her new sexy body physique for the paparazzi and even posted a photo showing off her new figure on Instagram.

She seems super happy about her body transformation and glows differently. Her fans went crazy after her photos went viral online and wanted to know what she did to get trimmer. In a recent Oprah Winfrey show, Adele revealed that she had to change her diet, do weight lifting, and do circuit training exercises.

Jonah Hill – 40 Pounds

Who would have thought Jonah Hill could get serious and hop on a treadmill? In July 2016, jaws dropped when this renowned American filmmaker, comedian, and actor appeared in public, looking way thinner and smaller. Everyone was accustomed to his plump body physique, but he definitely looks younger and hotter after losing a whopping 40 pounds.

He later admitted that his body transformation was more inspired by his role in the 21 Jump Street movie than a personal goal. That said, this is not the first time Hill has lost weight. He has done it several times over the years for different movies such as the Money Ball which won him an Oscar. We hope he sticks to this path and wishes him more health and success.


Busta Rhymes – 100 Pounds

We all know and love him for his electrifying performances and spitting lyrics on the mic. In fact, most people barely hear what he is saying in some rap songs, such as Scenario, Victory, and Lehhhgooo. After years of living off pizza and other junk foods, Busta Rhymes decides to change his life.

He started working out in 2020 and drastically changed his diet and lifestyle. After 12 months of intensive workout and dieting, the Grammy-nominated hip-hop rapper came out looking ripped and bulkier. In total, Busta, now 48 years old, lost 100 pounds.

He decided to get in shape after undergoing emergency surgery to remove polyps that had developed in his throat and were affecting his breathing. Soon after, he relocated to Jacksonville, Florida, to start working on his weight with the help his trainer, Jackson. Not only did Busta lose 100 pounds, but he also gained 50 pounds of muscle.


Jenna Jameson – 80 Pounds

Jenna Jameson, now popularly referred to as the face of the Keto diet, struggled with self-esteem after giving birth to a beautiful bouncing baby girl, Batel. She weighed 202 pounds and lost her gorgeous body physique that millions had fallen in love with when she was an active actor in the salacious adult industry.

Her eye-popping before-and-after photos went viral in November 2018 when she came out of the closet to inspire other moms to work out and diet to lose weight gain during pregnancy. In addition to physical exercises, she embraced a low-carb keto and high-protein diet.

The workout regimen and newly found love for the keto diet worked like a charm for Jenna. Six months into the diet, she lost a whopping 80 pounds. She even started an Instagram page where she posts information about the keto diet, memes, and photos to encourage over 47,000 followers to follow suit and get trimmer.

Rosie O’Donnell – 50 Pounds

Rosie O’Donnell is one of the most outspoken and controversial celebrities. She has been in the headlines for her weight problems and amazing weight loss journey. Rosie O’Donnell’s diet plan is a mix of healthy foods and exercise. Her diet includes eating lots of vegetables, fruits, whole grains, lean proteins and cutting out all processed foods.

She also does some light exercise, including walking for 30 minutes daily or doing 10-minute cardio routines in her living room. She has been following this routine since September 2017, and she has lost 64 pounds to date.

Unlike other celebrities we have reviewed in this article, O’Donnell underwent vertical gastric sleeve surgery back in 2013 that helped catalyze her weight loss journey. In one of the interviews after her body transformation, she confessed that the surgery helped stem her appetite and kept her from scavenging her kid’s Halloween candy.

Now 60, she enjoys running and playing with her kids, adorning a sexy bathing suit, and no longer struggles with sleep apnea.

Gregory Gourdet – 40 Pounds

Covid-19 introduced us to new norms that nobody had anticipated. Gregory Gourdet, a successful and renowned Top Chef, amassed weight during the apocalyptic period to hit 212 pounds.

This was his highest weight ever, and he knew he had to make some difficult decisions to regain his health. Gregory hit the health reset button in July 2021 and started working out daily. Activities such as intermittent fasting and yoga that had in the past helped him ward off weight weren’t working.

He decided to go harder on the treadmill and started following the keto diet plan. His body transformation post on Instagram said, “I went keto for the first time and extended my fasting to 20 to 24 hours a few days a week and finally started losing the extra weight.”

In one of his Instagram posts, he encouraged his followers by saying, “health is not measured by weight. Thick or thin, always love yourself. Live in whatever body you feel comfortable in, and don’t compare yourself to people on the internet. We all come in different shapes and sizes and can all do different things in our bodies.”

The Takeaway

The above celebrity transformations prove that anyone can lose weight and get healthier. You just need to have the right mindset and commitment to the weight loss journey. You can do it!

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